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Batch pasteurisers are designed with the following operations: heating (cooking), pasteurising, fermentation, smelting.
Technical description:
Tank is made from stainless steel with total outlet submerged into compartment that houses liquid (water up to 100ºC, termic oil up to 130ºC). The tank has capacity from 50 to 200 l.

Energy supply:
Electrical heaters, power 6 to 18kW, have regulating unit, temperature indicator, power regulation and protection.
Gas heaters for the mixture of butane and propane or earth gas power 5 to 15kW. Heating process goes indirectly over water or termic oil.
Butterfly valve Ø 38mm or 1inch ball valve.
Mixer: Anchor-like, spiral or combined.
Gear group for the mixer:
Gearmotor with monophase or threephase engine with power of 50W to 750W, 24 to 32 outgoing RPM.


Gasni duplikator