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Program development

From providing simple blacksmith and horseshoe services at its very beginnings, the company’s product range is now developing through resourceful efforts. “RAPID” has always been among the leading small enterprises in Yugoslavia with the total of 20 to 25 members of staff and a great number of co-operates. The product range includes serial and individual production, the serial, making up 60% of the total production, was based on products for car industry “Zastava” and slide door mechanisms, and the individual which was producing facilities for process industry and alternative agriculture. In this way “RAPID” provided eqipment for the six largest mushroom farms in SFRJ, made numerous tobacco dryers, over 3000 electric boilers for household use and dozen of great power for industrial needs, supplied the largect textile factories in Serbia with technical furnishings and technological appliances.
As a result of the changes in economic climate in Serbia the Board of Directors purchased the ownership of «RAPID» at the end of the year 2003 and continued with the development program of producing devices and facillities for food-processing industry and agriculture. Thanks to the high quality of the products, the well designed production program and excellent organisational structure, “RAPID” has succesfully met new market challenges, with new products. The company has managed to retain the markets in/of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia and Bulgaria and is planning to win new markets, chiefly EU, Russia, Ukraine, Middle East and Africa.
Today “RAPID” employs a total of 20 members of staff, without surplus labour force, and with a tendency of increasing this number by attaining new products and entering new markets. «RAPID» has a great number of associates for large collaborative projects as well. Chief members of professional staff are mechanical and electrical engineers, economists and highly qualified workmen. The company maintains excellent technical and business co-operation with main academic institutions in Serbia in this field.